Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My preemie baby girl

Mommy and baby girl
This is what she looked like the first time me and Nick got to see her

Well, I want to start out by saying this experience ever, we are so blessed. Well, we had two boys and I carried both of them to at least 38 weeks, and they were healthy boys and we got to go home after two days. The normal!!!
Then I was pregnant with my 3rd and even before we found out the sex at 19 weeks I went to dr because I had been having contractions, so they just said they would watch me and we would see where things went from there, well the next week I had my ultrasound and we were super excited to find out we were having a GIRL>> Everything looked wonderful but I was still having contractions and they could not figure out why well, these contractions came and went ever so often by the time I was 30 weeks, I was getting kinda use to them, well August 8th I was 34 weeks and I woke and yeah having contraction but that is normal right, so I just stayed in the bed for a while and it was kinda funny cause that morning I told Nick that I didnt want him to go to work so I was going to have this baby. Well, after 12 I was ok something is different cause they are not going away and man are they strong, so I was told to get up and do normal things and if I was still having them then it for go time. Well, after a shower and getting boys ready to go see Papa I was still having them and they have never lasted that long so I was kinda worried, well I called the dr and they told me they could not get me in so there was nothing they could do, and that kinda made me mad, so ok I was going to the hospital cause I knew something was different. We took the boys to Nicks dad and we were on our way to the hospital and the dr called and said they had a opening and the nurse pac. could see me asap. So I told them we were already on our way to the hospital and we would be right there. I got there and they took me right back. Well, no wait and doc was in there and she was checking me and we already knew I was dialated to a 3 have been since 30 weeks, well I was a 4 now so after you get to 5 there is no turning back or really trying to stop it from there. So over to the hospital I went, so so scared... When I get there and all hooked up I am still having contractions so the dr wanted to try and stop my labor they gave me some meds and man was I sleepy, and I was happy cause we thought it was working then the doctor came in and was like yu can go home if you want but you will go into labor soon so at the time we lived 40 mins away from hospital plus adding time getting the boys somewhere so around a n hour and the dr told me well, go downstairs and get something to eat and we will see how things are after that, I guess as soon as she said that I was screaming, and omg they were coming and they were strong, fast, and everything else. I was hurting... So, at that time the doctor saod sorry you are not getting out of this bed she is coming. I was kinda happy my baby girl was going to be born on 8-8-08. Thought that was neat. Anyways I had to get tons of meds before she actually came, which made me super sick and sleepy. So at 2:30 I remember them trying to wake me up to push it was time. And she was born at 2:45 and I didnt push her out she came out on her own. I remember still being out of it and looking over and the nicu nurses trying to get my tiny baby girl to breath and Nick and his mom keep saying is she ok. I really dont remember anything after that, I went to sleep and woke up the next morning and they were moving me to another room and all I could do was cry, I didnt remember anything but knew I was no longer pregnant and I didnt have a baby in the room with me as I did with the boys. So, I am a wreck and I just want to see my baby girl. Well, this was the hardest thing I have ever had to see I mean and if you have not had to experience this you have no idea. She was so tiny only 5 lbs, I was use to 7 ad 8 lbs, so this was totally different. And all me and Nick could do was touch her and she had wires and tubes and it was awful... Then they told us we have to leave the dr was coming in then he would come and talk to me. I had to leave what that is my baby I want her. Well, I went to my room the boys came which helped tons and all the family. And we would get to see her every few hours, I finally got to hold her when she was 4 days old, that is the first time I feed my baby. She was in the hospital for a total of 8 days which didnt seem long ut with two other kids at home and the oldest just stared school so this is really tough on me and Nick but we had to be strong all three of our babies. She is 15 months now and still super tiny only weighs 20 pounds. She has had a few delays and this has been hard on me cause I have never been thru that before. But she is my baby girl.... She is still not walking and I am hoping that soon she will start. So please please I am begging everyone to support the March of Dimes, because I feel like without them Brooklyn might not be with us today. I have raised money and walked in the walk and I that has made me feel so wonderful.. So to all the other preemie mommies yes Brooklyn had a easy road in the nicu and all and alot have been thru so so much worse. I feel we all have to come together and raise money and awareness for this so we can prevent premature births...


  1. we have never talked in depth about Brooklyn's birth. But gees... she wanted out mommy. I love you so much and I'm so glad that I have you to share my happy and my hard times with. Abby is only 16 lbs.. I understand the small thing, it's crazy. She's 17 months old today and there are 5 month olds that weigh more than her. I can't wait to hang out again. Let me know when you can.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story... I too have two boys and a girl. My girl, is the most beautiful, spunky, strong person I know but she was born with multiple major organ system failures. Although she had only a short stint in the NICU, we have faced 15 surgeries including 2 Open Hearts since then. I can empathize with the feelings of waking up and not having a baby beside you... it stinks but I am so very thankful for the medical professionals and the continued research and innovations that allow my child to live her life as normally as possible. Even as soon as 10 years ago my daughter would have been sent home to die.

    Thank you for championing the March of Dimes... so many families have benefited from their work... including ours!