Monday, November 16, 2009


Well, I am sad tonight as I lay here in the bed, all kids in the bed waiting on Nick to get home. I miss Traci, I just knew the lord put here in my life and she was the one, and now it seems like we never talk and I am so sad. So Traci I wanna get back together if it is me coming to your house or which ever I am all for it I miss you so so much. I want that person we I do things with and tell everything... I feel like I am needing this right now....
Well, Braxton is doing get in school. I have something I need to get off my chest. My sister n law asked me tonight if I thought Braxton was depressed cause he cries a lot and whines. Are you for real that thought has never crossed my mind. Oh well I just need to say that why would you even say that to a parent. I was kinda hurt by those words so I was just ready to leave her house asap. I love my babies even if my 5 year old cries and whines alot oh well that is him and he is my baby. Ok now I feel better just had to get that off my chest. Brennon is doing wonderful we are still giving him meds to stop his mirgrianes and it is working great. Brooklyn is 15 months old and she is showing no signs of walking anytime soon. And I am getting kinda upset I want to be able to help her and there is nothing I can do for her.. I mean I stand up with her and hold her fingers and she walks with me but she really doesnt want to walk on her own. I just want the best for my kids and I feel like she is missing out cause she is not walking yet. I hope that I am just being crazy but I feel bad. Well, Nick is off today and I am super excited to get to spend the night with him, I am usually in the bed when he gets home. I am so bless with a wonderful husband and kids father, he works so hard so we can have things and so I can stay at home with the kids... I am feeling very blessed right now. Well, almost time for nap for baby girl so she is getting kinda fussy mommy going to rock my baby girl.....

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  1. <3 I miss you too. We definitely need to get together. Mondays are the best days or even saturdays or sundays. Give Brooklyn time, she'll walk. and I'll even show you some excercises that Abby's therapist showed me to help so we gots to get together soon. <3 u bunches!!!