Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope each of you had a wonderful blessed Christmas... I know my family did, and man am I glad it is over. I should be in the bed right now, I have been up since 5am so I am kinda sleepy. Well, this morning we had to wake the kids up because Nick had to work so I wanted him to be here with us. So, when we woke them up this is what Braxton looked like, I didnt get a picture of Brennon he was not happy that we woke him up so early.
Then this is Braxton after he went and looked on the kitchen table to see if Santa ate his cookies and
drank his milk!!!
Then it was time, we started opening the gifts and let me tell you they both were so excited with every girft they opened and that was so great for me and Nick to see. I think that Santa got them everything they wanted, so we are blessed so much this year. Here are a few of the things the boys got from Santa brought them. Braxton has been asking for the board game sorry sliders well he got it
Brennon knew Braxton wanted a game so he wanted the same thing so he had been asking for gator golf, well here he is while Nick is opening it for him. I mean look at the faces they are making this was so priceless.....

Brooke got a holiday Barbie, babies, more babies (get it she has tons of babies now) and a baby stroller, clothes, and several small things she loved it. I also need to say man I love having a baby girl because she wore her new smocked Christmas dress and her big bow. I am in love with my baby girl!!!

We went to my moms sisters for lunch and they kids got one more gift and kept asking mommy is there anymore.. Gosh did you not get enough, KIDS!!!!
Nick's mom lives close to my aunts house so we went over there and I helped her around her house for a while waiting on Nick to get off. She has hurt her back, so I am doing some things for her. Then when it was almost time for Nick to get off, me and the kids loaded up and headed home. After being some only for a few mins it was time for us to go to Nicks dads house and eat supper and open gifts..
Nick is really sick, fever, chills he does not feel good at all, which he is not him, he was been in the bed since 730, poor thing. So, when we got back home it was time for me to do some cleaning up from all the morning mess... And start putting all these new toys up.. Then I got kids in bed and I got on here to do my favorite thing ever..... And now I am so sleepy I am going to get in the bed with my hubby and go night night... Merry Christmas all!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will try and post more pictures soon......

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