Thursday, December 17, 2009

so excited for Christmas

So, I am sitting at the kitchen table and looking thru books and online to find Christmas cookie recipes. Tomorrow night is our 1st Christmas get together. My mom, step-dad, brother, sisternlaw and nephew and of course me, Nick and our kiddos... So, it is going to be simple cause you know things are tight for almost everyone so my mom and step-dad got gifts for the grandbabies but that was it.. We are just happy that we can spend the time together. So, my mom is going to order pizzas and bring them, ,my brother has the drinks so I am wanting to make something fun... Any ideas please let me know... Well, Brennon had his three year check up this morning and man poor baby it is always something with him it seems like. So dr came in and he really wouldnt stop talking so she could ask him questions. Well, ok so I am just going to get to it...He wakes up alot in the night with pains in his legs to a point where nothing seems to help, we just let him scream and u all know as a parent that is the worst.. So, I was talking to the doctor today about it and she said it sounds like he could have arthritis in his legs.. And you remember that he has mirgrianes and is on meds daily for those well maybe the arthritis could be causing them as well.. I am not sure what to think but I ahve to take him back so that can run test and do blood work to find out for sure. Also doctor told me to get ready he was going to be my sick baby..... And once again as a parent that was really hard to hear knowing that he is only three and he has a long life to live and I just pray and beg that he does not have to live all those years in pain... So I am here asking well, really begging for everyones prayers for Brennon Layne, for the dr to find really what is causing all his pain. I may be crazy as a mommy but I feel like there is something wrong with him and it is going to be bad but it is going to take us a while to really figure out what is going on with him and it all scares me but again maybe I am crazy...
Well, whatever it is I know that God will not give us more than we can handle and he does everything for a reason. So, right now we are just waiting for all the test results to come back and see where we stand from there. Well, now onto positive things!!!!!!!
Well, after the drs appt me, Brennon and Brooklyn went to finish our Christmas shopping. And finally we are done. We have all of our kids things on layaway and we have like 100 more dollars to pay and hoping we will be able to do that this weekend and then we will be done.... Then it is onto wrapping everything and man that is going to be tough for sure.
In the morning we are going to Braxtons school and they are having the Christmas party in the morning then we get to take the kids home and they are on Christmas break... What I am going to have three kids all day for 2 weeks man I might go crazy uhh, well I am hoping not cause my kids are the best.. Well, just put Brooklyn to bad and now the boys are playing xbox for a few then they are off to bed too... I am going to get up and go to Braxtons party then I am hoping to go and get somethings to start baking.... Well, another prayer request is for my daddy. He lost his job at the 1st of the week, and he was the only one working so now they have no income and its Christmas time so he is having a really hard time..

Here is Brennon before the doctor came in, he loved this book

Sissy reading her book!!!!!!!

So, I am super excited I think I have finally figured this blog thing!!!!!! and that is so so exciting for me... Thank you Lana my picture problem was what you thought it was.... And I do not like it that way...
Well, I am going to the mailbox and put our Christmas cards in there
and here they are.. I am in love with the design... Well, I am guessing that it is time for me to put the boys in the bed and after mailing cards then hot bath and bed for me as well, I still have a cold and this runny nose it getting old for sure.. Hubby should be home soon and I cant wait!!!!!!
Goodnight and please say a prayer for my family before you go to bed tonight... Thanks you all!!!

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