Wednesday, December 2, 2009

well man I am so loud tonight. So today was a wonderful day here. I hate that Nick has to go back to work tomorrow, it sucks, but good news is he is off Friday!!!!!!
Well, today was super lazy around here. So we got up and ate and I wanna know if anyone else eats this. When I meet Nick he ate syrup and butter and ate it with biscuits. Well, I always thought he was nasty, but wow was I wrong I am now in love.I think I would eat that more than he does now. Anyways
I write that up there last night and got really sleepy so here I am Thursday night laying in the bed once again. I really think I should find a better time to get on here. Well, whatever here I am!!!!! Please go over to Lana's blog and leave a congrats... She and her husband are expecting a baby!!!
I went to school with her and school was best friends with my sister n law.
Also it is so awesome when people u don't even know take the time and help you. Yes I am talking about
She sent me a email this morning and I dont even know her. I mean now days you really dont see this very often. I just wanted to say Thank you again...
Well, all the kids are finally getting better, Braxton started a countdown calender till Christmas tonight, dont you remember being so excited.. I do and I am so blessed to beable to see my kids in the sameway. Tomorrrow and Saturday is going to be super cold here and Saturday we should get some snow...
Ok I have a prayer request please check out this page and keep this family in your thoughts and prayers
I mean I can not even begin to think about if something like this were to happen to my family. Well, tomorrow I am getting my hair colored and cut. I am keeping the same color but I think I am going to cut it short I want something different. but who knows I will post pics when I get done.. Might get to see it sooner if you fall me on facebook (Emily Parker) or twitter, (parker2322)
I have been having some problems with my comments people have not been able to leave me comments and for real I have no idea why.I am so new to this and I can not figure out the problem.. Well, I am guessing that is all for tonight, if you stop by try and leave me a comment and see if it works this time... Goodnight and Gold Bless and Rest in Peace baby Morgan!!!! ok so I just tried to post pictures but it will not let me, I am sad, my blogger is so messed up since I played with it and changed background... I need help!!!!!! Well, maybe tomorrow I will mess with it going to bed now


  1. just trying to see if my comments are working again. I deleted layouts and everything

  2. Hey! Thanks for the congrats! I really appreciate it! We are so excited! :) If you need help with layouts and all that, you can email's easier to talk about that way because I would have to write a book on! But, I don't mind helping at all!