Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My 100th post......

Wow I never thought when I started this I would be writing my 100th post. That is exciting for me. Well, I guess I am behind with the holidays, so here I am and going to try and catch up.
Well, Christmas morning was awesome here in our house Santa got the kids tons... We are so blessed!!!! and this is how lucky I am... This pictures was taken before bed on Christmas eve before we looked online and tracked Santa and then we read Night before Christmas!!!!
As this year comes to a end, it has me thinking alot about what God has blessed me and my family with this year. First and mainly our three babies, we have had ups and down with each of them being sick and having health problems, but always remember that the Lord never gives us more than we can handle. Lately I have been wondering cause man things have not been going in our favor. Monday night we had electricity problems which caused the stove, microwave, house phone, Nicks xbox I bought him for Christmas and alarm clocks and our cable box in the living room all which blew up... And with the problem we have no heat until today at 2pm so from Monday night till Wed afternoon, no fun. So Monday night we had to stay at Nicks dads house then Tuesday during the day me and the kids went to Nicks moms house. Today we have been at home wile things are getting fixed with little heaters everywhere. Around 3pm Nicks dad got everything fixed.. You know I am so thankful for that man. We would not be where we are today if it was not for him. Well, so the problem was not the home owners or ours it was the electric company. A wire on the transformer by the road burnt into which was causing tons of problems around here. So I have made list of things that we lost and we are going to turn those into the Electric company and hoping that they can replace them... Well, enough of that. Well, let me tell you I can not be more ready for Braxton to go back to school. Wow, I never knew how much I would love him being in school or how much it helped. So, one more week and I am ready to get things back in order. Yesterday we got all the Christmas things put up and taken to the barn and stored till next year. You know after taking everything down the house seems so much bigger. I guess cause not all the stuff is out and around. I am liking this much better. So, I am calling the dr tomorrow because we still have not heard anything back from Brennons test and I am getting worried more now than ever. Well, it is way past my kids bedtime and they are still up watching wall e so time to get the kids to bed, then mommy has a load of laundry to do then it is bed time for me... As I got money from my grandparents for Christmas and I have been wanting a new comforter set so that I bought from Walmart, it was cheap so nothing fancy... But I just love it... Funny how when you get older the things you get excited about change so much... We have no plans for New Years eve, just relaxing at home and enjoying time as a family. That is the best!!!!

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