Saturday, December 19, 2009

super sick

Wow the title says it all, I am so so sick.... So, today I have been just laying around the house....
Last night went great with my mom, brother, and sis... Braxton got a huge nerf gun, Brennon got a puzzle and a box full of many different kinds of games, and Brooklyn got a doll that talks to her (like the abc's and colors) She loved it. She has a pink poodle and I just love her saying dog-dog.... It is the cutest thing ever...Well, so I am sick and nothing exciting has happened around here. So, I am going to watch the movie the worlds greatest dad... And please still be in prayer for Brennon and our family as we wait till hear how Brennons blood work comes back...
Have a blessed Sunday and Praise the lord for another wonderful day with my amazing family!!

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