Tuesday, December 1, 2009

sick babies

Sunday night Brooklyn would not go to sleep she was really fussy so finally she went to sleep and then when we woke up yesterday morning her eyes were almost matted shut and you could tell she just felt bad. So, we layed back down and went back to sleep. Well, when we got back up she seemed to e worse and Brennon eyes looked really nasty too, so we got ready to go and pick Braxton up from school and I knew then I had to take them both to the dr then. So I called and they could not get them in, but could see them after hours so at 5 we had a appt. When we got there I felt bad cause sissy eyes looked awful, I mean bad... So, we saw the dr and Brooke has a eye infection in both eyes, and a double ear infection, also we were told that she had early signs of h1n1 flu. So, all three got the h1n1 shot and then she put Brooke and Ben and meds for the eyes cause she said Ben had eye infections too. Plus Brooke had meds for her ear infections too. So we left and went to walmart and got the meds and man they were sick and just wanted to be at home, I felt so so bad for having them out but I had to get the meds. So we came home all three ate chicken nuggets then it was bath time. So, Brooke took bath and her meds and she was out... Then it was the boys turn so I gave Ben his eye drops and wow he is a fighter. So today Brooke is still sick but seems to be tons better, and Brennon eyes are nasty just like Brooklyns but he says he feels fine. So far today we have not got out of our pjs. Brooklyn is eating a snack right now before we go and pick up Bubba from school. Then it is home for us cause man it is super cold out there. So we all need to stay inside. And since we are inside mommy needs to do some cleaning for that I will do... So, I will try and post again tonight about the rest of our day went. Have a wonderful day and try and stay warm...

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