Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My husband

Well, for some reason as I lay in bed listening to Nick snore beside me. I feel like I need to make this post about him and really just how awesome I think he is and that he really is...
Ok so I know that all of the other woman that are married and they think they have the best husband ever, so with that I feel the same way. I wake up everyday and man am I so thankful to be laying in the bed next to him.. I really cant put out here what I am really feeling cause I am not sure how to write it.. I am just so happy, blessed that I have him as a husband the the kids have him as daddy... Him as a daddy wow I will tell you more about that in a few, but just as husband we have been married for going on 5 years and loving every second of it. I couldnt be any happier. Well, yeah like most people we have our ups and downs and so on but we work thru it and it only makes us stronger and better people together. Since we have been married I have maybe worked like 1 year if even that. Because he gets up everyday and goes and works so I dont have too. Even when we didnt have kids, so I mean that is alot to me. And now he is working 60 or more hours a week just for me and the kids, yeah that means he doesnt get to see the kids that much but he does it so they will have a place to stay, clothes, food, and so on you get the point. I will say thank you to him but that will never be enough, I owe him so much for that. I really could go on and on with things that he does for me and I really dont have that much time. I love my husband more and more everyday and he is my rock!!! And him being a father is amazing and that is all I can say... And I know if I went and asked the kids about daddy they would say the same thing. Well, for some reason I really needed everyone to know this about Nicholas Sean Parker, my husband, best friend, my everything, father to me three kids!!!!!
I love you honey so so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Also here are two vidoes that I have taken with my new phone... I can take the video and then upload it to youtube from the phone,
so I think I will be doing this alot more... Enjoy

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