Saturday, January 9, 2010


Sometimes I wonder why... and I am asking God right now that question. So here is the story
Well, we are renting a house for a lady Nicks dad knows, we moved here in October. Well, she said we didnt pay her last month and we did the check cleared my bank. And also told his dad that she needed to up the rent. Ok for one the house we live in is a older but nice house. It only has one bedroom and a office. So the boys room is the office, which all in all sucks but heck Brooke dont even have a room and that sucks even more. I dont feel like the house is worth more than we pay now, I am not paying more for this house. I dont know maybe I am just mad and things will blow over, but dang I just want to get OUR house....... The house we will be in for a while. You know, this renting and moving all the time is getting super old. 
We own a large house which the house payment is $1200 a month and we are renting it out cause we cant pay it since Nick does not work with his dad anymore, and also Nicks dad still owns our 1st home which was a trailer that he remodeled and someone is renting it out as well. I want to go back to our 1st house but I dont think his dad wants to tell the people they need to get out. You know.... So, I am just aaaahhhhhh right now and I want know what we are going to do. So please be in prayer for us while we figure out what we are going to do. Kids are feeling better buy still not 100% not yet they are getting there. We have a doctor appt on the Wed for a check up with Brennons headache doctor in Nashville, so hope things go well there. Well, I am just going to lay down and try and get some sleep and stop worrying about things... But please say prayer for our family..... Good Night

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