Sunday, January 3, 2010

Amazing weekend but not looking forward till Monday

Well, we have had a awesome weekend, but man was it cold here in Tn! I feel like and told Nick yesterday that if it was going to be below 20 degrees then we better have alot of snow... But that is not the case here. Saturday morning it snowed a tiny bit... Well, as you can see I have picked our camera back up and tonight for come reason I would put it down... I only have two kids with us tonight. Braxton is staying with Papa (Nicks dad) that way tomorrow when I have to take Brennon to dr that I will only have to take 2 kids and not 3. Anything helps out tons.... Well, for me things have been good but then again not so good. Today makes day four of me having a Migraine and nothing I take has been working... But I have learned that sometimes I just have to live with them and this one I am thankful that I can just live with... I know for a fact how much worse they can get so I am hoping I dont get to that point. Well, tonight I went to church and picked up Brennon and Brookyln and when we got home they both were so so excited that daddy was home... He called out of work today. So, after they ate and then it was relaxing time. But really who could relax when mommy has a camera in your face all the time... :) I love it, I just wish I knew what I was doing.. Anyways here is what the boys looked like after dinner.

Yeah here is daddy and Brennon playing xbox live!!! Well, I went on to the princess to take pictures and went I turned around this is what I saw!!!!

Aww my poor baby was so sleepy.. I just think this is the cutest thing ever.....

Well, finally Nick took a break and I told him to take Brennon to our bed and let him rest and then this is what a sick baby looks like while watching tv in mommys big huge bed!!!!

Man I love being mommy.
Oh yeah also check out my new comforter I am in love!!!!!

Well, in between pictures of little man I was busy with Brooklyn so here are the ones I got of her tonight.....

Pretty sure this has to be the cutest thing ever..... I mean ever!!!!

Here she is playing peekaboo with mommy!!!

I love little moments like these

She is getting to be such a baby girl

This is her new toy that Grammy bought her and she loves it... It is a stroller for her baby and yay she is walking with it.... Happy mommy here!!!!!

Look at those eyes.... Mommy baby girl the so beautiful

Well, that is all the pictures I have for tonight. But trust me there will be more.... I can not believe that it is 2010, so I been thinking alot about things I want to improve on for the new year... I came up with a few. Here we go
I want to become a better blogger.....
I want to be a better wife and mommy for my family
I want to learn how to take pictures
We have a great camera but I just push the button, I want to know what I am doing....
So there are a few things I will be working on... Tomorrow morning I have to get up and call and make Brennon a dr appointment so they can run more test... I am just sitting at the table right now listening to Chris Tomlin and man I just love his music... Right now he is singing "its all about you Jesus" this is so true so whatever these test results say it is all about you Jesus
Well, mommy took Tylenol pm so yep it has not done much for my headache but it sure has man me sleepy.....So, Goodnight and I wish each of you a blessed 2010 year......
I will post tomorrow when we hear something about Brennons test results... Keep praying and God Bless

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