Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our weekend wrap up

Well, I will start off by saying we all getting back on track to healthy.... FINALLY, that was wonderful to be able to say. Well, our weekend has been really good. It has been spent inside most of the time cause of snow and man it is super cold. Today I didnt get up and make it to church with the kids (they were with papa) So, around 12 they came and then we ate lunch then took a nap. Then we got up and I done some laundry and then made supper, and it was back to church.. Well, like always we were late, I wonder if I will ever be on time to anything.... Well, then we visited with several people then it was back home for this

Ice Cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then it was time to relax and get some mommy and babies time in... So that is just what we did, I was in the floor with them for an hour... It was awesome and I just love those moments they are the best!!!! And Brookie already in bed and boys are waiting on daddy to get home.
Once again NO SCHOOL tomorrow for snow... I am kinda ready for Braxton to go back, cause not so much going on around the house.. Thats awful for me to say. Well, I am guessing that is all we did for the weekend and this week we have one doctor appt. Brennon has to go to Nashville on Wednesday for a check up with his headache dr... Then next week are test and I hope we finally get some answers..
Today I checked the mail (that is not something I do very often) and we got this

Yay, I am so excited about this. This is my best friends little boys 3rd birthday party. Nate is turning 3. He party is going to be at Bounce U, I cant wait till Saturday, for the kids to finally get together after not seeing each other in forever. Plus, I can not wait to see the only true true best friend that I have... Traci is always there for me. Its funny because no matter what she is there and we just found each other and things have been wonderful since day one.... I actually, am really thinking about moving close to her so we can be closer... I am having to talk to the hubby about this one... I just love her so much!!!!!
Here are a few more pictures. Enjoy and time to do my last load of laundry then I am off to bed.

yeah this is Brooklyn walking
she is walking more and more everyday but still not all the time, she is so lazy :}

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