Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Doctor appt #1

Well, I was so worried going into the doctors office this morning. I am just always thinking of the worst and yeah I know I should never do that but I know no different. So, we got there just me and Ben. He was great, I just love when I get to spend one on one time with my babies. Anyways, so after getting called back he got weighed and he is my big man at 34lbs... So when we get in a room we had to wait forever.... Uhh  I hate this cause the kids are so bored and just ready to get everything over with. So, after like a 20 min wait she finally came in and she just looked at Ben and said poor little guy, are you not feeling good. She was right but I didnt think nothing about it he has a cold and stuff but nothing bad you know. Well, I was wrong, he has a bad ear infection and a sinus infection, so we have to treat all this before we can have blood work drawn... Because his white blood cells with be high and his red blood cells will be low, or something like that. Ok, so I am not good at all this medical stuff.. Well, so we talked and I just told her how I was so worried and she said that he could have           juvenile arthritis, and he could not have it as well, so we are just waiting it out... Well we made a appt for two weeks from today the 19th of Jan to go back and then we are going to the lab and get blood and run the test that is needed... So, I was really hoping to get some answers today but it didnt happen. Also, Ben has been having random fevers and it is not like because he is sick.. So, we talked about this and I need to check his temp about twice a day for two weeks and we will go from there. So poor little man seems to always be sick. I hate it because I can not do anything that seems to help him. Well, today mommy had court. I got pulled over speeding and I only got a warning but I didnt have proof of insurance so I had to go and show proof... Yeah so that was exciting but I was lucky that it didnt take that long. Other than that we have had a lazy night, after supper, the boys started playing the xbox and Brooke went to bed early so, here I am... Time for me time....
Have a great Wednesday.... and here in TN we are hoping for snow Thursday.... We are praying and doing our snow dance around here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I hope that you get some answers for Brennon soon. The unknown is so difficult!

    As a total aside, I have to tell you that I grinned when I came to your blog today from Safe Haven because my last name is also Parker and I have a blonde Emily, too. :)

    Anyhow, I'll be praying for Brennon.


  2. Hi. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. My three year old son was diagnosed with JRA 9 months ago after two lengthy hospital stays. He is on methotrexate, prevacid and folic acid now and is doing remarkably well. If your son does wind up being dx with JRA, just know that most kids are treated with meds that are very helpful in regulating most symptoms of the disease. I wish you the best of luck. My email is if you ever want to chat.