Monday, January 18, 2010

Needing prayers

Well, our good weekend came to a stop this morning when I was woke up from my phone ringing.. It was Nicks mom and I could tell she was upset but wanted to talk to Nick. So, I just laid there and finally after he got off the phone. We were told that Nicks brother Josh his father had passed away, at one time David was Nicks step dad and helped raise Nick so he meant alot to our family. Well, I kids loved him and we have not seen in a while. Well, he was in the in good health. Got sick what dr thought was the flu. and then took blood and it showed he had a heart attack. So, they pout him in icu to watch him and he was getting better from what we were told, well this morning one of his heart monitors went off and the nurse went in there and woke him up and asked if he was ok and if he was in any pain and he said yeah he was good and he was not in any pain at all. And she turned around to walk out and before she could get out the dr he flat lined.. They tried to bring him back but there was nothing they could do because Our amazing God, called his name. So Nicks brother is here with us tonight because he is only 19 years and still in school, so things are hard right now around here so please we are needing all the prayers... Thank you and God bless
will update again soon

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