Friday, January 29, 2010

long time

Well as you can see I changed the background again... I didnt like the other one cause the middle was brown and it was hard to read what I was writing unless I always changed the color. So here is this one.. I am very girly and have been called high mantenance, so this fits me... PINK AND POLKA DOTS!!!!
Well, things are some calmer around here. I have so much on my mind lately for some reason I have not been wanting to eat for the past 4 or 5 days. I have no idea why.. Well, funeral is over and it was so hard to see him, I already miss him and he was such a wonderful father and he was so good with the kids....
Well, as of now Nicks brother is still living with us. It is going good and I am glad that we can be here for him. So now Nicks mom now owns a house that Nicks step dad lived in. Ok going back Nicks step dad and mom were no longer together. But she was married to him almost all of when Nick was growing up so he will always be his step dad. So David (nicks stepdad) and Nicks brother Josh lived in Murfreesboro together so this is why Josh has been staying with us. So now that he died the house goes back to Nicks mom cause that was something in the divorce papers. So now she is remarried and has a place, and Nicks brother really cant live on his own right now. He is in school and only 19 years old. So now thing is if we would like to move to Murfressboro in that house and live with Josh there but without paying any rent. Because he house is almost paid for. So it will be same size as the one we are in now but I just dont know.. Free no rent at all saids so so nice. Well, so that is on our minds now. Here is a pic of David(nicks step dad), Becky( nicks mom) and Josh (nicks brother) and Cat Josh's girlfriend and me and the boys before we had sissy. Rest in Peace David you are truly miss.......

Other than that things are normal well I would say normal today. So far we have like 5 inches or more and the snow is still coming..... So we have been stuck inside all day and I am going crazy. I did get some cleaning done but dang I wanna get out of this house. I am hoping tomorrow... I will try and post pictures from the snow tomorrow.... Have a safe and blessed weekend.

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