Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hump Day

Well, today was good but I have been kinda sad alot today. First off I am hate when people say things that hurt and they know nothing. I mean sometimes I just dont understand. But that is life and what you have to deal with when u grow up I guess. Well today was a really lazy day for us at home until around 2 and we went to the pool, I got burnt some today, but it was really really hot out today. Anyways the whole time Nick was at work today all I could think about was him and how I was just always so so happy when he is there with me. Well, another one of those things that happens when you grow up and have a family, have to work for the family. But I am really hoping to get a job with a good friend of mind working from home. So please say a prayer for me to get it. Well after the pool this afternoon, it was time for me to get my hair done. I am glad I really wanted to sit there and relax well nope I took the kids with me so yeah right no that one. Well when I got done I was so blessed to get to go eat supper with my wonderful husband for his lunch. This was an awesome time I just love every secong I get to spend with him. Then me and the kids came home because I was going to clean. I mean clean good. I was really wanting to finish all the laundry and also get the downstairs carpets cleaned well with some delay, it is 12:45 and I am finally done with all of downstairs and oh my gosh Nicks mom bought a new carpet cleaner, and well she does not need it now after the house fire, so I have it and it worked GREAT. Our carpets look close to brand new now, and that is great for what they did look like, my kids really enjoy making a mess. I guess most kids do. Anyways, I am getting up with Nick in the morning and we are going to his dads and get tables and different things we need I am really trying to have a yard sale this weekend. I have all the stuff to do it but nothing to sit all of it on and stuff like that. So hopefully I can get what I need and get everything ready tomorrow and make some money Friday and Saturday. Well, after all this cleaning I was really sleepy, I wanna go cuddle in the bed with the hubby. So, here are a few pictures of our fun fun times at the pool. Good Night


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