Sunday, June 28, 2009

lazy weekend

Well, we had the best weekend ever. Well it was awesome, Friday Braxton went to work with his Papa and then he spent the night with him, So Brennon went to Grammys to play with cousin Austin, then me and Brooklyn went and picked Brennon up and came home and off to bed. Saturday we woke up and began our yard sale again, and Papa came and pick Brennon and Brooklyn up so they all spent the day and night with them, and all day Sunday... So me and Nick had some GREAT time alone. Well Sunday me and Nick pretty much slept all day. Well our yard sale went good, I still have alot of stuff left uhh.... I was hoping to sale it all but oh well. Well I feel awful so Saturday was my best friends little girls bday party and I knew the kids would not go but I was gonna go well having the yard sale and lost track of time and did make it. Well Traci and Abby I am so so sorry, I want you to know that I am not one of those so called friends u always talk about, I am truly sorry. I hope that she had a wonderful 1st birthday. Anyways on to our kids being sick, Braxton is so much better and Brooklyns diaper rashs is alot better as well thank the lord. Well Brennon, on the other hand lately Brennon has just been doing his normal thing then all of a sudden he starts screaming, I mean screaming like he has never done before so I ask him whats worng and he cant talk but just puts his hands on his head and face. So finally he talked and tells me that he head is hurting and its behind his eye... The first time I was just like oh ok well I will watch him then a few more times ok NO something is wrong so tomorrow I am calling the dr 1st thing and get him in. I mean brain tumor or several other things so I was really worried about my little man so please please say a pray that we get answers and nothing is wrong with him..... ok well I am going to bed and I will post an update tomorrow after we see the dr and about our day......

Goodnight all

Picture posted is of Brennon Layne Parker please say a prayer for him that nothing is wrong he is just having headaches or something simple...... Brennon mommy loves you so so much u are my little sweetheart so lovey but yet so mean. You are an awesome big brother to Brooklyn and I know Braxton loves having a little brother like you. I am so lucky to be your mommy... Lord please watch over this little man and not let anything be wrong with him.... Thank you for everything you do for my family... Amen Braxton, Brennon, and Brooklyns mommy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh Girl, I knew you got caught up with the yard sale, it is totally fine, and there were so many people.. it was seriously difficult for me to enjoy myself. I hate having that many people over at one time. We will get together soon tho.

  2. and wow.. you better let me know how brennon is as soon as you know something.. bless his heart. I will pray for him.