Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wow, I am in shock

Brennon Layne Parker
Well, as you know we went to the doctor today about Brennon and his head hurting. Well she looked him over very well and found nothing.... Nothing I prayed that she would tell me ear infection or something like that, I was afraid to hear nothing. Well we heard it!!! So now what, well he is being sent to Vanderbilt Childrens Hopsitial and they will be doing a scan of his head and also a scan of his brain. I am in shock I cant even really type this cause I dont wanna talk about it, all day I have only told a few people like my mom, dad, brother, Nicks mom, dad and brother, and I told bestie Traci but I have not really got to talk to her and I wanna. She has been thru so much as a mommy and I look up to her so I know she will be there for me. Well, so the dr said that they have a make sure my insurance will approve the scans, approve the scans something could be wrong with my babies brain, who cares if it is approved I want it done, I wanna know for sure what is if anything wrong with him. So I am hoping tomorrow they will call with a appt... U know its a holiday weekend so we will see, I am hoping to get it done this week but I know at Vandy they have some many babies and kids that really need care now so I understand.... Nick is really upset and letting me know this but I am trying to hold it together but I know soon it will hit me and I will break down... ok so here is my story and why I am so worried.

Well, after I had Brennon in Oct. 2006 all of a sudden I started having the worst headaches ever I mean ever could not drive or anything so went to my reg. dr and they didnt really know what it was but want to make sure nothing was wrong so he sent me for a ct scan of my brain. I remember like it was yesterday getting the phone call from the drs office, I said hello thinking it was nothing u know u really dont think anything bad will ever happen to you. Well, I was wrong in a way, she told me I had a Cyst on the back of my brain that was pretty large and they were sending me to a specialist... I mean shocked yeah well I was at Nicks moms house and we were leaving to go to my house and meet Nick so I thought it would be better to wait and tell him when I saw him in person and not on the plhone I cried the whole way home, I mean this was real I might have to have brain surgery.. So I told him and he just held me and cried we both have never scared I didnt know what it say to anybody well they sent to the brain dr after I had another brain scan and it had contrast and boy it hurt. Well we went to the dr and he said it was large but it had been there my whole life, ok that works for me but now is it starting it make my hed hurt and will it have to be removed, so we had my ct scan on a cd so we looked at it and we say it, wow that is in my head right on the back of my brain, anyways he said it was no causing pain to me at all and should never. I head and brain have grown around it since I have it since birth... Well, I was so happy I felt like the lord blessed me so I didnt have to go thru any pain.

Well, I then went to another brain dr at Vandy just ot make sure and he was awesome, and he said the samething, but said maybe what causes my headaches but nothing they could really do aobut it. Ok I can handle a few headaches I dont do pain so for me no surgery was awesome news. Well after all this it makes you so thankful something major could have been wrong. So BLESSED my the lord is how me and my whole family felt after this experience. So now u know my whole story there, I guess u are understanding why I am so worried. I wonder if he has the samething I have but he is bothering him and mine never did, will his have to be removed if it was messing with him now at such a early age. Or is it a tumor cancer or something like that. I could go on and on but I dont wanna I mean already a wreck and so is Nick. So I am asking you to please pray for Brennon and the doctors and our family as we go thru this... My family is strong and the LORD is beside us every step but we need all the love and support we can get as we go thru this....

Since I have been in the blogging world I have read alot I mean alot of peoples blogs and they have sick children and I feel like am I fixing to be one of those familys that blog about my baby being sick so I have been to alot of blogs only from other peoples blogs and I follow alot of them so I want my blog to get out there like that so I can have more and more of the lords people to pray for us as we go thru this/... So please pass this along to everyone and anyone you know..

Thank you all in advance from our family... We love you all

Nick, Emily, Braxton, Brennon and Brooklyn Parker

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  1. We all take what God hands us and we do the best we can with it. Good and Bad. I'm sure they are going to call within the next couple of days with an appointment for Brennon and if you have insurance with Nick, then your covered. I know your worried and concerned. The only thing you can do right now is get thru everyday. You've made it thru today now work on getting thru tomorrow. Love on your babies and take it as slow as you need to. When Abby was first born we got thru hour by hour. I would think, ok. another hour is passed and she's ok, if we can only get thru the next hour. Remember to breathe. And remember that I love you!