Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today was a great day for our family, first I got mommy time yay went tanning before Nick had to go to work, then I got my daily cleaning done so we could go to Amys and swim. So, the first time the kids have been in the pool this summer, Brooke like it as long as I was holding her plus it was her nap time so she laid down and me and the boys had blast well the booys never got off the steps. Braxton by the end of the time was on the bottom step but Brennon didnt really like it as much so he just stayed in the first step which was ok hopefully he will get better and wanna get in. So me and Amy layed out and that was awesome. So, after this I came home to cook supper so that I did and a big supper at that. I cooked cube steaks, mashed potatoes, mac and chesse, pinto beans and corn. Man was it such a yummy dinner. after this Nick had to go back to work so I gave Brooke a bath and she was off to bed and so were the boys so alone me what no way, so I had things to do. I have no dishwasher tablets so for two days I have had to wash the dishes by hand, not really fun but oh well gotta be done. So, I have found out that in order to keep the house clean (remember last post I spent all day cleaning) so I get the boys to bed then I go in every room nad pick up and clean so it was good in the morning when we get up. So, we have been two whole days with a clean house I am in shock.
Well, I am really enjoying this blogging thing and I hope each of u are as well. Well tomorrow I really wanna get out with the kids but we might get up early and go swimming and laying out again but who knows, I am so glad tomorrow is friday, which means Saturday Nick is off yay....
another day filled with fun times with my awesome family. So, I guess that is it.
oh what another thing, Braxton has never wanted to sleep in his bed since his crib so yeah I am one of those moms he is in the bed with me, well until we just moved in April, so now he and Brennon have like a little bed in the floor of our room beside our bed, well I am really wanting them to go upstairs in their bed, I only have a twin bed in there but I am hoping to find a full size bed soon. Well update on my brother and April, she is back and I could not be happier. so she is off this weelend so I have lots and lots of pictures...... YAY I love pictures... ok well good night all
I wanna say COngrats to Kara a friend I went to high school with she is home safe with a wonderful baby girl Harper......

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