Monday, June 15, 2009

Well nothing exciting here for our day, which is reat for us.... Well this morning we got up and I had to go pick Grammy up cause she left her truck here yesterday, then me and her went and got a pedicure and our nails done, which was great for the two of us alone to enjoy ourselfs. Then we came and got the kids and went to cracker barrel which again was GREAT, then I went to walmart Brooklyns new Pink Jeep stroller came in, I was so excited and after that we were sleepy so she went home and me and the kids were down for a nap, then after this we got pizaa for supper then off to woodbury to help her with some things. So really we didnt do anything much today. Tomorrow Nicholas is off work and I am so so happy. So we are planning on getting up early and goin to eat breakfast then just enjoy our day together as a family.

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