Thursday, June 25, 2009

I really hate doing yard sales, but we have so much stuff just laying around it would be so nice to get it all out of the house. So I am trying to get everything ready but seems like everytime I start working one of the kids need me or something. So I am giving up as u see I am on here.
Well, I just wish some things would just do it for me, but we all know what is not going to happen.
This morning when we woke up I got Brooklyn up and her poor butt is so raw and broke out. Well, I changed diapers cause we went to cheaper ones which with the boys they could wear anything, I guess she might be different so I had to go to Walmart this morning and buy her the other pampers and also got some cream for her. So I just gave her a bath a washed it really good then put new diapers on her along with the cream so I am really hoping it starts to get better. I feel so sorry for her cause I know it hurts her so bad and I can make it stop right away. Well, also Brennon has like 50 bug bites, he always gets them real bad in the summer, so I have to start spraying him evverytime better he goes outside. He keeps telling me Mommy "I itch"
aww poor little thing I scratch them for him but I know they still itch. And last Braxton woke up this morning feel kinda crappy, and I think he might be getting a cold or something to it. So I gave him meds so maybe it will not get any worse. Other than this me and Nick are wnonderful, e has to work today and tomorrow then he is off Sat, Sun, Tues, Wed and Friday, I am so excited...... He finally gets time with his FAMILY. Anyways I really think me and the kids are going to lay down for a nap, I am sleepy...... I will be gettting things ready for the yard sale tomorrow but I will still try and post cause I know something will happen that I will wanna tell everybody... Have a great day and try and stay cool case man it is hot outside.....

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  1. Awww, poor babies! I keep Abby in Luvs, but Nate got bad diaper rashes when he would teethe. I kept him wrapped up in a t-shirt rather than diapers. And the same with Abby. And I used Triple Paste Diaper Rash Cream. The rash would be gone within 12 hours.