Friday, June 19, 2009

Well, today was wonderful but man does the sun drain you. Plus I got a little sun burnt so that sucks right now too. Anyways today me and the kids and Nicks mom went over to Amys for another day of swimming. We had a blast Brooklyn loved the water today. And the boys just played in and out of the water the whole time, so it was really relaxing for me and Grammy.
After that we came home and relaxed and Nick came home for his lunch then me and the kids went back to Amys just to hang out, and Tracy and her kids were there. So it was good to see all of them. Well, all the kids are in the bed and I have already got the house cleaned and I am going to take a shower then I am off to bed with the kids.
Tomorrow Nick is off I am so excited, and hopefully Nick will get up and take the kids to his dads and then he will go do some work for him for a few hours, then me and Grammy wanna go to yard sales but we will see how all that goes, then me and Nick are going back to the races again to watch my brother and granddaddy. My dad, Nicks mom and my brothers wife and their son will be going oh and a friend Jeremy is too. So I am really excited about that. We always have a really good time when we go so hopefully we will. Well off to burn in the shower cause I have sunburn. Goodnight

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