Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July weekend

We had a really good family weekend. First Friday during the day I was running around and then when Nick got off we went to the races to watch fireworks and races. We had a blast my brother, April, Austin, daddy, Grammy, Granddaddy, me, Nick, and our kids. Kayla and Chris then my mom and step dad and step sister and her twin boys and step brother. So needless to say there were alot of people up there. We had a really good time, and they had a awesome firework show. Then home we went and we didnt get in the bed till after 2am so we slept in Saturday morning and got up and back to the races we went. So when we got there is was so so hot then we made a few places and I got some great pictures then it started raining so that really sucks so they called off the races so we were going home and on the way home we saw alot of fireworks which was so pretty. After this we went to my brothers and played cards, we love doing this we use to do it every weekend. Then we came home and today I can say I slept almost all day and man was that great. We had a great supper when Nick came home for his lunch then I cleaned some and now Brooklyn is sleeping and me and the boys are laying in the bed watching lightning mcqueen. Well I am doing my favorite thing and not watching the movie. But anyways if you read my blogs then please pray for a little girl name Kate she has a brain tumor and this hits home for us cause we have heard so many differnt things that Brennon could have and this being one of them. So please pray for the drs and her and her mommy and daddy and she has a brother and sister too.

So about Brennon I cant stop thinking about this and I am getting so mad cause the dr here or a dr from Vanderbilt has called us and he is still having these headaches, I mean I am really worried and i feel like they dont even care yes I know at Vandy they have alot of kids that are really sick and need care now but I feel like we could be one of those I guess I am just thinking of the worst... but I am not sure really what I am thinkning. I know that Nick is having a harder time than I am. Well so when you lay down tonight please say a prayer for my little man and our whole family that we get answers on whats wrong with Brennon... Well, I am posted a few pictures hope you enjoy. I really hope that everyone had a great 4th of July.....

Have a great week ahead and enjoy every moment......


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