Monday, July 6, 2009

call from the dr...

Well I have been upset all day around lunch time I got a call from Brennons dr here in Murfreesboro saying that Vandy could not get him in until the 24th of July... WHAT
yeah thats forever away I want to know whats wrong with my baby now that way if it is something then we can start helping him now... Well, I guess I understand as well about all the other kids there that are really sick and need care asap. So with all this being said we are waitng on the 24th to get here. Well, today was a lazy lazy day for us here. I had to get up early to keep Nicks cousins kids till 11 well let me tell you when Nick left for work at 150 me and the kids were ready for a nap. Then after this evening me and the kids went to Walmart to get a few things...
And here I am sleepy as always and dont really have alot to say. But I am really hoping that tomorrow me and Nick and the kids get up so we can enjoy our day with Nick being off and it should be really nice outside too. So off to take bath then to bed. Goodnight
Also Brennon is on a waiting list to have a mri at vandy, so if they can get him in sooner then they should call me and let me know so that is a plus. I will keep u updated.

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  1. I am praying that everything will be okay.