Tuesday, July 14, 2009

so so long

thats right it seems like its been forever since I have even been on here.Well updates on every goes

Braxton starts school on the 30th wow thats not far away.

Brennon no headaches for 3 days YAY I am so happy, called dr today and she said just call her if he has one and she will look at him.

Brooklyn oh lord getting so so big. Finally wearing 3-6 month clothes and she is 11 months. Also I am weening her from her bottle and formula and giving her a cup with whole milk in it, going good so far.

Well I guess thats it for the kids. So me nothing just been cleaning alot and trying to get things ready to have another yard sale I really have alot of junk, and its so nice getting it cleaned out.

Nick today he was off an dI just left him sleep allday then we had to go to my dads so Nick to help him with a few things. Then he is off again Saturday and we are planning no races this week I want to go to church Saturday night. Well, other than these few things I really dont think to much is going on. I am really worried about best friend Traci she is in the hospital. She is pregnant and really sick so please everyone say a prayer for her. and also her husband and her other two kids at home.

Well, Friday is a big day for my family.

1st its my brothers birthday and also he ad=nd his exwife are getting remarried on that day as well as Nicks mom and my Dad. Yep thats right my daddy is marring Nicks mom .

So got a busy Friday here. Goodnight


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