Friday, July 10, 2009

So our last 2 days have been ok. Yesteday we really didnt do anything but clean and stay around the house. I mowed the yard, worked on my plants, then came insode and done all my cleaning.
Then today was a really fun day. First I didnt go to bed till like 4am so I didnt get our of the bed until 12. So once I got up done a few things around the house got ready went and ate lunch with Nicks mom, after lunch we went shopping and we got Brooklyn the cutest things. She got a new pairs of shoes and also the cutest dress ever. I will try and post pics of her when she wears it. Then me and the kids came home then tonight I had to watch Nicks sister while his dad and step mom went out to eat. So they just piced her up and here I am. But tonight has been a lazy night for me I done some cleaning but other than that I layed around with the kids. After I put Brooklyn to bed me and the boys watched Shrek 2. Well, tomorrow is Nicks day off at Verizon but he is going to work with his dad for a few hours in the morning, then after that we will take the kids to his dads house then me and Nick are going to the races and hope we win come money tomorrow....... Wish Trenton luck!!! Well off to bed, good night and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend

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