Sunday, July 12, 2009


We had a very good weekend. I got to spend alot of time with Nicholas and that was much much needed. So well Saturday I had a great morning with my kids then Nick got home and and we were off to take the kids to Papas house which they have not been in two weeks so not only mommy they all were so ready to go there as well. So after this it was mommy and daddy time. YAY I was so excited, well we went to the races with my brother and uhh this time was not all that fun we lost and came home early so that sucked. Well, when we got home got just layed around and enjoyed being alone before bed. Well, writing what we do reallys seems like it should only take like an hour but really it seems to take up all our day. Oh well, then Sunday me and Nick slept till 12 yep 12 and man it sure was nice. Well after finally waking up we got ready and went to Sams to get a membership cause I was needing a new digital camera. So plus I am very happy to get a membership cause man they have some really cheap diapers there and we sure need them. But I didnt find me a digital camera so after that me and Nick went to Walmart and I am so proud to say we got a wonderful deal, we got a new kodak camera for only 87 dollars. I was thought cameras cost were alot more than that. So yep we got a great new camera. So you know what that means yeah lots and lots of pictures now. So after this Nick had to go to work and I was really sad cause we had spent so much time alone together. So after this I went to get mynails done then to tan. After all this I was off to get my kids. I really missed them so so bad... And when I saw them it was a GREAT moment. Anyways so by the time we got home Brooke was so so sleepy and I put her right to bed. So me and kids spent alot of time together. I sat down at the table and we color and ate oreos with milk yummy... Well, now its almost time for Nick to get home which means we are all getting ready for bed. So the boys have had a bath and now are laying in our bed watching shark tales. So, I hope everyone had a awesome weekend and I am off to bed, so goodnight all......

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