Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One thing after another

Yeah the title says it all. Yep took the kids to the dr this afternoon and for sure Brooklyn has the 5th disease. SO first I have never heard of this so I was kinda like what are you talking about and what it going to happen to my kids. Well, Brooklyn has a rash over her whole body and the boys have a small rash on the cheeks. So around lunch Brooke got a fever and I got worried and called so we had to go in, it seems like we are always going to see a dr. So they done blood work and after me and 3 kids being at the drs office for almost 2 and half hours. It sucked really bad cause it being Braxtons 1st day of school, so we will got up at 630 instead of sleeping till 11. SO yeah bad mood kids I had three of them. So, we finally left and came home and ate supper and took bathes then it was time for bed. Which I was very thankful for cause I was so over them at this point. Well, I guess you understand I didnt have what you would say a great afternoon.
Now Braxton LOVED his 1st day of school, me and Nick got up and took him so we all went in. And when we got in his room he walked in like he owned the place and said bye mommy. For real I thought he was going to cry but then so so thankful that he was a big boy. So he only went a half a day which was good for me and him. I am kinda excited for tomorrow cause I have so much house work to do that it will be nice to only have 2 kids here with me. I kinda think Brennon is going to be lost without Braxton around but I guess he will get use to it. and start enjoy it. So, I need to just let you know that my bestest friend and yeah she is most likely reading this (thats why I blog is because she did 1st) is having a hard time and I need to have a heart to heart with the LORD right now.
Lord please please send your angels down on her right now so she can get a good nights rest and not feel sick anymore, Lord she wants to be at home where she can be a mommy to Nate and Abby. I know you do everything for a reason but when it comes to this I am not understanding at all. She is in so much pain... Lord please heal her and let her unborn baby make it to be a full term baby.... I lovve Traci and I want you to know that I know I have not been there for you but I really wish there was something I could do for you and Tim...... And I AM PRAYER FOR YOU AND BABY BOO EVERYDAY!!!!!!
Well, so tomorrow Braxton goes for his 1st full day. And I have tons of laundry and house cleaning to get done so YAY that should be fun.

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  1. I always read your blogs and I know you think of me and pray for me daily, and I couldn't ask for a better friend. It's hard for any of us to keep contact with babies and family and dr.s and everything else going on. But the blog helps me stay close to you. Thank you so much for being my best friend. I love you!