Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We went to the ER

Yep I really didnt wanna wait but we really had no other way. So this morning Brennon woke up screaming and I mean screaming so me and Nick got up and put him in the bed with us. Well that really didnt work so Nick got up with him and they watched tv. Well first Brennon has NEVER woke up having a headache better. SO this one was not normal it was worse so we were worried but kinda let it go. Then around 11 he did it again while we were watching tv. SO after this I was kinda worried more cause 2 in a one day and also they are lasting longer and seem to hurt him much much more. So Nick got home around 1 and we talked and knew we had to take him to the ER at Vanderbilt. So we atarting getting things ready and called his mom and she was coming down to our house to watch Braxton and Brooklyn. So we finally left and let me say this was my first time ever going to Vanderbilts beside when Nicks mom had her house fire but we were in the burn unit and I went nowhere else. So I am in love with this place everyone was so so nice and it was jsut great all around. So, the drs came in and said that they were going to send him now for a ct scan. I was ok then they came and said they were going to try it without having to put him under so I was worried but gave it to the lord and knew everything would work out. So we went to the ct scan room and let me just say Brennon did AWESOME he layed on the thing and didnt move. Never cried or anything. Was like mommy this thing is going fast. Well when he went in me and Nick were by his side well at first he looked so worried and I said Benny Mommy is here and the whole time I was holding his hands. Well I almost lost it. I have always been the one having these things not my baby boy. Well it didnt take long then we were going back to our room. Well after a long wait they came in the told us that his scan was normal.
I cried cause my baby didnt have a brain tumor or cyst or anything like that. But right after I was like ok now Lord what is making his head hurt it has to be something. So we came home having to go see our dr here. Well, I am going to take a bath then off to bed its been a long day. I will try and write more tomorrow about it. I want to say thank you all so so much for the prayers cause WE KNOW PRAYER WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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