Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I have done so so much today. First off I done alittle bit of cleaning then Nick was off to work so, I sat down and watched tv with Brooklyn while the boys were upstairs playing. And another thing yesterday I took all the toys upstairs and told them I did not want them downstairs anymore. Well that they did today they were upstairs almost all day playing up there. Anyways so I got to spend time with baby girl. So, we were watching GAC and I was singing to her and she was singing back it was such a wonderful moment. So, finally I had rocked her to sleep, this is great because she is a baby that does not want u to hold her while she is eating or gets sleepy she just wants you to lay her down so she can do her thing. So I loved rocking her. So I layed her down and then I went outside to mow the yard. Oh lord it was so so hot out so I had to take alot of breaks. So finally I was done and after this I was so tired, so I went upstairs and told the boys to come lay in the bed with me it was nap time. So after a few mins of tv we all went off to sleep. Then I got up and cooked supper.... And Nick came home for his lunch and after he ate we took the kids outside and they had a blast Brooklyn was so funny she was in her walker and she would hold her feet up and try and not touch the grass. So, we were out there till almost 9 and it was fixing to start raining so we came in a I gave Brooklyn a bath then it was her bedtime and man was she out. Then the boys once again started playing outside and I sat down and watched tv for like 30 mins, then it was my time to get up and clean. For some reason I would rather clean at night than during the day. Anyways I finally got done with everything and the boys told me they were not going to cry and they wanted to sleep upstairs. So I made them a deal I told them that if they slept up there all night and didnt cry then tomorrow we would go to the park. SO it is almost 12 and they are still up there but have been down here like 10 times. So we will see how long this last.
Well, that was about it as our day goes. So I am going to bed. Goodnight and hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday....
Also, praise the lord Traci came home today......

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