Thursday, July 2, 2009

We still have no news from the drs on getting Brennon into Vandy for his head scans and really by now I was really hoping. So it is almost the 4th of july and tomorrow alot of places will be closed so I dont know about the drs office but I am going to try and call them cause I really wanna know if and what is wrong Brennon. Well other than woorying about this 24-7. We really enjoyed Tuesday and Wednesday with Nicholas being off. But today was kinda sad I didnt want him to go back but if we want to eat and live here he has to go. Well, we have plans for the weekend along with everyone else and I am so so excited. Tomorrow Nick has to work 9-530, so during this time I have to get things ready for our weekend at the races. We will be going Fri and Sat. we ordered new shirts and I have to pick them up then I have to get a few other things ready but mainly I plan on sleep most of the day..... Then Saturday I am not for sure if Papa is keeping the kids or not we will see, of they do then me and Nick will be going back to the races again... I am really hoping lots of people show up to really support my brother. Well, then after all this hopefully we will spend Sunday sleeping late. And my step sister is in from Maryland and she has twin boys the same age as Brennon so they came over tonight and it was GREAT seeing her and letting the boys play together. Also this was the 1st time she had seen Brooklyn in person. I am guessing that is about it for now. Oh yeah got news today that Amy and Chris are moving just a few roads over from us and I am super excited I love hanging out with them... Well, I have boys fighting fun fun so good night. and I hope everbody has a wonderful Fourth of July weekend... And I want to stay thanks to Nicks cousin Rhett who is in Iraq fighting for our freedom... And all the other soliders over there and here.

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